Proofreading and Editing Services

Even with the advancements of technology and writing, errors are plentiful and notorious. It is my job as a copyeditor to correct these errors and help your work stand out from the crowd. I focus on making your work legible to the target audience but make sure that your voice is preserved; it is your name on the work, after all. This is the focus of my services, but my work is much more than that and I will strive to get the best out of your work as I can.

I offer a free, no-obligation 500 word edit to show you my work and how well we can work together to achieve your goal.

I price by project, with options per word, 1000 words, hourly, or daily depending on which suits your needs better. Please see the rates page for more information.

I tailor my services to your needs, making sure that your work gets the right style and edit that it requires.

Please note that all manuscripts and files are edited in Microsoft Word, so they should be sent in that format. All files and content within will be treated as strictly confidential and not subcontracted or sent to a third party.


There are a few different types of copyediting, which are explained further. I can do each one individually or do all of them, depending on what you need.


This looks at the grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as sentence syntax and legibility. Making sure that your voice is preserved, copyediting improves the readability of your work.

Structural Editing

Structural changes can be daunting, but they are sometimes needed to help with legibility and flow of the work. This is where I change paragraph placement or sentence structures. No structural change will be made without your consent, and they are only suggestions; if you are not happy with the change, we don’t need to make it!

Stylistic Editing

Here I make sure that your voice is preserved and consistent. This looks at word choice, spellings, and sentence structure to make sure that your work is consistently yours. Keeping your work in your style is important as it is your writing.

Within these three, I can also do a basic edit or a deep edit:

A basic edit is a rough edit to round out the edges of your work, making sure that grammatical errors and legibility can be achieved. some minor structural changes may be suggested, to help improve readability.

The deep edit is best for longer pieces of work, such as books or manuscripts, and includes the basic edit, but also includes structural changes to help improve the piece as a whole.


Proofreading is the final step that your work goes through before publication. This is the most thorough check that I will do, making sure that all grammatical and spelling mistakes are gone and minor style inconsistencies are fixed.

If you have a piece that needs work, please contact me today so we can discuss what you need!

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