Are You struggling to take your work to the next level?

Sam Turner Freelance is here to help lift your work to craft it into the best that it can possibly be.

A passion for writing

I will work with you to craft your work into the best that it can be, channelling my passion and your creativity through the work to lift it to the next level.

Substantive editing

The early stages of your work, developing your style and voice.

Line Editing

The middle stages, aiming for consistency and clarity on your style.


The final stages before publishing, polishing your work to the highest standard.

Continuous Support

We will be together on the journey, and I will be available whenever you need me.

Catering To Your Needs

I will work with you to develop your writing to a professional standard.

Your Success

We will work together to achieve greatness with your work.

Developing the best

My Comprehensive suite of professional services cater to a diverse range of clientele, from journalists, Authors, and technical writers.


  • Better your work
  • Create exquisite writing
  • Professional and courteous.

Sam Turner

  • Passionate about growth
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Improving your work.

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